04. 01. 2005

Parameters for Ag(1)-Br added, param. for Cu(1)-Br adjusted

12. 10. 2004

Standard deviations (for positional parameters) specified in parentheses are now also tolerated by the SHELX file reader.

16. 08. 2004

bug fixes: GII in case of some neutral atoms in the structure (e.g. in TM complexes); treatment of intraction between a cation and an anion sharing the same site in a mixed crystal.

02. 06. 2004

BV-Parameters for Eu(2)-Br,I added.

5. 02. 2004

New version 0.96: Bug in extraction of Hall Space group symbols of some trigonal space groups (containing a quotation mark) fixed.

29. 01. 2004

Misprints in BV-Parameters for Ag(2), Hg(2) and Yb(2) eliminated.

27. 01. 2004

CIF-to-SHELX conversion modified. The extensions " Z" and " S" for orthogonal HM space group names with different possible origin choices in CIF-files from the ICSD database are now recognised also if the crystal system is not given explicitely (e.g. in CIF files generated by the WWW edition of ICSD).

04. 11. 2003

Bugs in CIF-to-SHELX conversion caused by various non-standard CIF-File versions fixed. The conversion program should now be able to handle cif-files produced by GSAS(that contain double quotation marks, extensive comments and atomic positions after the geometrical details) as well as CIF-Files where redundant cell constants are not specified.

27. 07. 2003

New version 0.95: The main change is the introduction of a partial equalization in the BVP parameter b in compounds with different types of anions. The effectively used parameter b is listed at the end of the output page (if an equalization is performed).

14. 07. 2003

Bug caused by SHELX files that contain lines consisting of exactly 1 "space" fixed.

16. 04. 2003

Bug in the symmetry database for hexagonal setting of space group 160 removed.

26. 03. 2003

Bug in the multiplicity determination for atoms on special positions in the hexagonal setting of rhombohedral space groups, if the site symmetry is not "obvious" from the atom positions (e.g. if 0.394 0.394 3/4 is listed as 0.0591 -0.2742 0.0833) eliminated by modifying both CIF-to-Shelx conversion and SHELX import program.

03. 03. 2003

CIF-to-Shelx conversion modified to enable the program to identify further monoclinic HM space group symbol variants

19. 02. 2003 New beta version softBV0.93

Program development: 2002-03 Stefan Adams